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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our thermal camera rentals. Learn about our same-day shipping, our FLIR camera rental terms, and how infrared thermal imaging works.

How does the rental process work? What are the terms?

When your rent an infrared camera from us, there are a few things you can expect. You can expect friendly, honest and dependable service. You can also expect well maintained equipment that is delivered on-time with no hidden shipping or rental fees. We take pride in the reputation we have among our clients and throughout the industry.

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Can I download thermal images from a thermal camera?

Yes. Each thermal imaging camera is supplied with a USB cable to download JPEG images from the camera directly to your computer.

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How much does shipping cost?

We ship FedEx Ground where transit times are 1 day. If you are outside the 1 day transit time we will ship FedEx Standard Overnight. Shipping costs vary by location. Client pays shipping costs.

We ship from Zip Codes 75234 and 77063. Click here to see delivery times.

Will I pay rental fees during shipping?

No, there is no rental charge for packages in transit. All rental equipment is delivered the day before your rental period begins, and due back the day after your rental period ends. All rental equipment is guaranteed to be cleaned, calibrated and charged prior to leaving our office.

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How do infrared thermal imaging cameras work?

Thermal infrared imagers are detector and lens combinations that give a visual representation of infrared energy emitted by objects. Thermal infrared images let you see heat and how it is distributed. A thermal infrared camera detects infrared energy and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image and perform temperature calculations. Thermal imaging cameras have lenses, just like visible light cameras. But in this case the lens focuses waves from infrared energy onto an infrared sensor array. Thousands of sensors on the array convert the infrared energy into electrical signals, which are then converted into an image.

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Why rent a thermal camera?

  • Renting saves you money.
  • Renting saves you time.
  • Renting allows you better equipment.

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