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Radiant Floor Inspection with Thermal Imaging

Rent a FLIR E40 thermal imaging camera to detect radiant floor heating problems. Inspect floors and ceilings for heated pipes, heat loss, and needed repairs with infrared technology. Thermography provides a non-destructive inspection tool for in floor heating and radiant ceiling heat.

Radiant heating systems are installed in many floors and ceilings of homes and businesses. The continuous hot water or electric supply lines for these types of systems are not visible to the eye and are typically not monitored in real time.  Frequent inspection is essential for early detection of leaks and potential failure.  An unknown radiant heating system leak can waste energy and cause major property damage if not repaired in a timely manner. A thermal camera can help pinpoint the exact location of a leaking hot water pipe or electrical short in a hotwire within minutes and potentially save time and large repair costs. If the location of an embedded leaking pipe is not found quickly and accurately, floors can often become excessively settled and displaced, causing severe damage.

In Floor Radiant Heating System With Hidden Problems

Infrared Image of In Floor Radiant Heating System







If you plan on renovating or remodeling on top of or in proximity of a radiant heating system, have your radiant piping completely examined and have all of the pipes clearly marked  before you undertake any construction work. Beginning construction without knowing where those radiant pipes are located greatly increases risk of damaging the lines and incurring large repair costs. A thermal camera will help you outline the heated pipes accurately and prevent unwanted repair costs.

Photos of In Floor Radiant Heating Pipes With Normal and Infrared Cameras

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