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Detect Water and Moisture Damage with Thermal Imaging

Easily detect water and moisture damage with a Flir E-Series thermal camera rental! Instant thermal imaging captures the entire room to reveal wet conditions behind surfaces, such as enameled walls and wallpaper and even in places where moisture meters can't reach. An infrared moisture detector can help you find water leaks inside walls and ceilings. Rent one today!


Both of the ceiling leaks in the above pictures were said to be fixed. Thermal imaging can confirm that a water leak has been successfully fixed, or verify that a leak needs more repairs. An infrared camera is the ultimate moisture detection device. There is no other technology that can so easily and accurately identify moisture damage.

The bases, corners and joints of a building are more susceptible to moisture damage. Renting an infrared camera to check a suspected area of your home or office could save you thousands of dollars by preventing damage.
Moisture damage that may not be obvious to the naked eye is easily exposed with thermal imaging.

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