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Home Inspections and Building Diagnostics

The FLIR E40 stands out as a durable, easy-to-use thermal imaging camera for building diagnostics and home inspection.

Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspector's attention allowing him or her to properly diagnose areas with energy loss. Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, roofing problems, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners.


For inspecting structural differences in homes or commercial buildings


Reducing drafts and heat loss due to poor insulation, not only do homes and businesses become more comfortable, customers conserve energy and save considerably on utility bills.

Thermographic Inspections

Energy auditors may use thermography–or infrared scanning–to detect thermal defects and air leakage in building envelopes. The building sector offers the largest single potential for improving energy efficiency. An infrared camera can help you detect problems and quickly see where energy efficiency can be improved. For home-owners, thermal imaging will help you easily identify ways to improve home energy efficiency. Rent a FLIR infrared camera to do your own home energy audit. Learn more about how to do your own home energy inspection.

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